"A Queens Ledger FEATURED" contractor on Long Island. Call or contact Royal now a Royal Roofing & Siding Nassau County 100 Duffy Ave #510, Hicksville, NY 11801 (516) 260-4486 for the BEST Price, Quality, & Warranty in our area.

Royal is Nassau & Suffolk's Repair or Install Specialists. They help home owners save money by helping them get the maximum life out of their roof. They ONLY perform roof repairs so selling an entire roof is never our focus. Most roofers would love to sell a home owner a whole roof. It’s a bigger job, which makes them more money and keeps their crews working but we take an entirely different approach. Royal has designed their business around giving the customer want they want and need which is a solution to there roofing problem at the lowest possible cost. Royal operates a little bit differently. They know that most people want and need to save money and in most cases don’t need a new roof but instead need a qualified roofer skilled enough to assess the problem and repair the roofing by fixing the leaky area properly.

Message from Royal:
Our company and our techs are like roofing doctors and are also Long Island GAF CERTIFIED ROOFERS. We dispatch out of the Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island area and currently have active projects all over Nassau & Suffolk county. We are trained in the latest techniques and our experienced technicians are skilled at utilizing all of the high performance roofing materials available today to allow repairs to be performed today that would have been impossible in the past. We have one and two man repair tech teams who are trained to assess and perform repairs. We don’t employ large crews. We only perform repairs so we are not looking to up-sell the customer to a larger job. This gives the customer the peace of mind to know that they can trust our assessment and that we really are looking to do what is in their best interest.

Roofing Membranes For Long Island Leaks:

Some of the materials we use combined with techniques acquired from many years of experience allow us to repair what many would not be able to. Self-adhering roofing membranes and elastomeric coatings are two materials that are available today that have expanded the capabilities of today’s roof repair technician. Self adhering roofing membranes installed beneath shingles allows for a number of potential applications which gives the technician the ability to attack a variety of leaks on asphalt shingled roofing. Elastomeric coatings that expand and contract with varying temperatures throughout the year are also available which have a variety of applications in the repair and maintenance of low pitch and flat roofs. Allowing a homeowner to save thousands by avoiding the purchase of a new roof requires the most creative roof repair options on the market. Whitehall Long Island thinks outside the box to save roofing that seemingly could never be saved. Time and time again homeowners who deal with Whitehall are in shock. Familiar responses include: 'company xyz wanted me to purchase a new home exterior for a lot of money and repaired that same exterior for so cheap'. Another popular response: 'wow, I never knew roofing in Long Island lasts longer than I thought'. Before we decided to brand ourselves as Whitehall Long Island we wanted to call ourselves First Aid Roofing. The intent was to drill a message into a homeowners head. A message that allows them to understand that almost any roof can be repaired. Roof repair is no easy task. Recently in East Islip a fire broke out during a repair. Contractors must be on top of their game during every aspect of the job to avoid such occurrences. Read the Newsday Roof Repair fire article now. Whitehall Long Island is meticulous in providing the most vigilant work force in the industry.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a great preventative measure when it come to damage of your home's exterior. It's simple the gutters have no holes and therefore less water can find it's way into your home. The water flushes out properly and avoids pricey repairs. In addition, seamless gutters can be customized for your home and provide the right sized gutters for you. Gutters of the correct size will also help avoid clogging and leakage. The Whitehall can guide you in attaining mother nature stopping seamless gutters for Long Island homes. Seamless gutters help avoid ice damming. Ice damming occurs when snow builds up in your gutters and clogs them up. Ice and snow slowly build up on sections of your home exterior. When the ice melts, it melts directly into the exterior walls of your homes. Whitehall have been saving Long Island roofing from ice damming for decades. Call us today and learn more.


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